The Royal Family (Historical)
From Amenhotep III to Horemheb, in alphabetical order.

*When a name change applies, the original appears first, followed by the later form
*male roles in bold
*female roles in italics
*The 1st name is that of the character played, the 2nd is the Pan Historia name.
"N/A" means the character is not needed in any of the storylines at present, either because they are deceased or not yet born.

Amenhotep III - Available
Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten - Neferkheperure Akhenaten
Amenemopet, sister of Amenhotep III - Available
Anen, Son of Yuya & Thuya - Available
Ankhesenpaaten/Ankhesenamen - Ankhesenpaaten
Ay - Available
Beketaten, sister of Akhenaten - Available
Gilukhipa - On Hold
Henut-Taneb - On Hold
Horemheb - Horemheb
Isis, sister of Akhenaten - Available
Kiya - N/A
Kiya ta-Sherit - Available
Meketaten - N/A
Meritaten - Meritaten
Mutnodjmet - Meritaten

Nebetah, sister of Akhenaten - Available
Neferneferuaten Ta-Sherit - Neferneferuaten TaSherit
Neferneferure - Available
Nefertiti - Neferneferuaten Nefertiti
Setepenre - Setepenre
Sitamun - Available
Smenkhkare - Smenkhkare
Tey - Available
Thutmose, Crown Prince - N/A
Thuya, mother of Tiye - Available
Tiaa, Sister of Amenhotep III - Available
Tiye - Available
Tutankhaten/Tutankhamen - Tutankhaten
Yuya, father of Tiye - Understudy Role Available

Members of the Court (Historical)

From Amenhotep III's Reign to Horemheb's

Amenhotep Son of Hapu - Available
Amenhotep-Huy - Understudy Role Available
Amenia, 1st wife of Horemheb - Available
Aper-el, Lesser Vizier - Available
Bek the Sculptor - Available
Maanakhtef, King's Chief Builder - Available
Maia (Tut's nurse) - Maia
Maya (Tut's Treasurer) - On Hold
Merit, wife of Maya - On Hold
Meryre I, High Priest of Aten - Available
Meryre II, Superintendent of the Queen's Household - Available<
Nakhtmin - Available!
Neferkheperu-her-sekheper, Mayor of Akhetaten- Available
Parennefer, Akhenaten's "butler" - Available
Pentu, King's Physician - Available
Pi, "Royal Ornament," "Favorite"- ioudith ramesses
Suppuliliumas, King of the Hittites - Available
Taemwadjsi - Avaialble
Thutmose, Royal Sculptor - Available
Tia, Ankhes' nurse - Tia
Tiya, Overseer of King's Household - Lady Tiya
Zannanza, Hittite Prince - Available

Fictional Characters
Characters created for the purpose of this role-play, from Amenhotep III's reign to Horemheb's

Ahmose, Nurse of Setepenre - Available
Amati, lady-in-waiting to Princess Henut - Available
Amennu Senmuth - Available
Aneski - Meritaten
Api, Nurse of Meritaten - Available
Ashur - Ashur
Ineni, Nurse of Neferneferuaten ta-Sherit - Available
Inet, Nurse of Neferneferure - Available
Meryt, Nurse of Meketaten - N/A
Nakht-Set, Priest of Amun - General Prince Nakht-Set
Neferuaten - Neferuaten
Sitre - On Hold
Userhet, Captain of the Palace Guard - Oh Hold

For more information on these characters, check out Character Bios.
For more on "Understudies," vist the Amarna Understudy Program
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