Member of the Month

The "Amarna Member of the Month Award" is given out monthly to a member who has shown outstanding contribution to the group. Whether this contribution be role-play, discussion, webpage building, or anything else that applies to the betterment of the group. The award is either selected by nomination from group members, or by having the winner of the previous month choose the next winner. The Member of the Month plan was hatched by Nefertiti Sobkneferu (Thuya) and Ankhesenamen Meritamen (Ankhesenpaaten) back in April of 2000.

And the winners in 2000...

April: Tjia Sithathor (now known as Beketaten)
For webpage creation and role-play as Princess-Queen Sitamun, sister of Akhenaten. She also is just all around helpful, and the first to receive the Member of the Month Award. Chosen by Nef.

May: Neferkheperure-Waenre Akhenaten (Mayati Amenhotep)
For her role-play as Princess Meketaten (she now plays Pharaoh Akhenaten himself) and her contributions to the Royal Portrait Gallery. She's so talented... Chosen by Ankhie :)

June: Ptahmes Amenhotep
For his contributions to the New Amarna role-play as Bak the sculptor. Chosen by Nef, Tjia, & Ankhie.

July: Henut Taneb (Miriamen Hatshepsut)
For her contribution to as Princess Henut-Taneb, sister of Akhenaten, and her work as Nefertiti's 'understudy' during the normal Nefertiti's abscense. Chosen by Ptahmes.

August: Menefertaten Hatshepsut
For her role-play stories and Princess Nebetah, younger sister of Akhenaten. A wonderful love story! Chosen by Henut.

September: Ankhesenpaaten (Ankhesenamen Meritamen)
For her RP as Princess Ankhesenpaaten, the Shadow of Amun thread and Virtual Amarna. Chosen by nomination.
(I wish you all could see how much I am blushing right now! :) It's tough to write about yourself! ~Ankhie)

October: Setepenre (Medoret Meritamen)
For her outstanding contributions to the Shadow of Amun role-play as Princess Setepenre. Way to go, sis! :) Chosen by Ankhie

November: Ashur (Ashur Nebchadnezzar).
For helping to bring ther much need political aspect to the Shadow of Amun, as well as Amarnaholics Annonymous and his contributions to Laugh in Amarna. He also has the distinction to be the first non-Egyptian to receive the award. Viva Ashur! Chosen by Waenre, Sati, and Ankhie .

December: Nefertiti Sobkneferu (who is, sadly, no longer in the RP...)
For being an active and essential participant in the role-play for over a year, and for all the help she has done to make the Amarna RPs what they are today, thanks Nef! Come back and visit sometime!
Chosen by Ashur.

And for 2001....

January: Smenkhkare (Ramses Mentuhotep)
For his oustanding contributions to role-play as Prince/Pharaoh Smenkhkare. How on earth did we get by before you, Smenkhkare? Ankh! Udja! Seneb! To Pharaoh Smenkhkare!

~~~~~Move to PH~~~~~~~

May: Gilukhipa (Beketaton Ahhotep)
For her help with and enthusiasm in the Aten Gleams in Waset, and the wonderful job she has done decorating both her Gilukhipa and Meketaten homes.
Chosen by Ankhie.

June: Amennu Senmuth
One of our new additions since moving to PH. Amennu gets the June award for his wonderful (and frequent!) postings to both New Amarna and Shadow of Amun. So happy to have you with us, Amennu!
Choosen by Gilukhipa.

July: Smenkhkare
For RP excellence and moving the story along. The first character to win the award at AncientSites and again at PanHistoria! Also, since poor Smenkhy has not long on this earth (in Shadow, at least!), we felt it fitting and proper to bestow one last honor on our short-lived Pharaoh.
Chosen by Amennu

August: Yuya
If it wasn't for him, we probably would have never had the Amarna period! Yuya is quite literally the grandfather of Amarna, being the father of Tiye, Anen, and quite possibly the infamous Ay. Our Yuya had done a wonderful job RP-ing in Aten Gleams in Waset
Chosen by Smenkhkare

September: Ankhesenpaaten
*giggle* What am I supposed to say, huh? I guess this one was for decorating the DustJacket etc and "Everywhere the Glint of Gold" stuff -- but I don't really know! Thanks a bunch, though. :)
Chosen by Yuya

October: None
(PH was down for most of the month...)

November: Lady Merit
Another relative newbie to Amarna, Merit has been an active participant in both "The Shadow of Amun" and the new "Everywhere the Glint of Gold" threads. She's a definate asset to the late Amarna Period! ;)
Chosen by Ankhie

December: Medoret
Medoret is awarded this month for her prolific contributions to our comedic thread "The League of Amarna Royal Women." Keep 'em comin', Med! :)
Chosen by Merit


January: Neferneferuaten-Nefertiti
Finally, Mom gets the MoM! :) What can we say about Nefertiti anyway? :) You couldn't have Amarna without her!
Nominated by Waenre, chosen by Med

April Horemheb
Praise be to Aten! We finally have an active, dedicated Horemheb who hasn't ditched us! :) Thanks go out to our illustrious General for all his contributions.
Chosen by Ankhie

Shebyu Awards

The Shebyu Award is given to a member of the Amarna novel by a board member in thanks for a contribution that is above and beyond posting in the role-play.

Neferuaten (Meritaton Isetnofret):
Neferuaten received the first Shebyu for creating the Aten Gleams in Waset storyline plaque.
Given by Ankhie

Royal Awards for Writing

The Royal Awards for writing are given out by the board members (the Pharaoh's Award by Akhenaten, the Queen's Award by Nefertiti, and the Princess' Award by Setepenre or Ankhesenpaaten) to members who have crafted an extremely well-written post.

Ashur: The Queen's Award was given to Ashur by Nefertiti for his post "To Prepare for War"

Gilukhipa: The Princess' Award was given to Gilukhipa by Ankhesenpaaten for her post "Never Forget Where You Come From."

Other Awards

Ankhesenamen Thutmose: Winner of the "Name the New Amarna Role-Play Thread". Her suggestion of "The Shadow of Amun" became the name of the RP based after the death of Akhenaten. She played Lady Tiya, Overseer of the Royal Household.