Akhenaten's Court

Text by Ankhie, with help from "Pharaohs of the Sun."

I am Ramose, Akhenaten's Scribe of Recruits. My name was originally Ptahmose, but because of my King's changein religious policy, I removed the referece of the false god, Ptah, from my name to honor instead the sun. I am no longer "Born of Ptah"--I'm born of Re--the sun-- now.

I am Nakht, Akhenaten's highest administrative official at Amarna. I was a vizier in Akhenaten's reign. My house was far south to the Central City, and nowhere near the Great Palace either. My name means "Strength."

I am Aper-El, a lesser Vizier of Akhenaten. I may have been one of the many foriegners involved in the administration of Neferkheperure Waenre's Kemet (Egypt). I was, most probably, of Semetic origin. My tomb was discovered in Saqqara, the necropolis in Mennnefer (Memphis), in 1989.

I am May a General and Fanbearer at the King's Right Hand. I was a poor man on both my parents' sides. My Pharaoh elevated me to my position, helped me to develop, and gave me wealth.

I am Mahu and I was Akhenaten's Chief of Police. I was in charge of making sure that events in the city--like procession of the Pharaoh and His family down the Royal Road--had enough guards and police presence.

Other official of Akhenaten's Court:
Ay (of course)
Pentu, the Chief Physician
Meryre (I), High Priest of Aten
Meryre (II), Overseer of the Royal Quarters
Bak the Sculptor
Taheri, Bak's wife
Thutmose the sculptor
Parennefer, Cup-Bearer of Akhenaten
Thutmose, Viceroy of Kush
Tutu, Chamberlain, possibly in charge of the House of the Correspondance of the Pharaoh