Princess Gilukhipa

Text by Gilukhipa

There is not much information about Princess Gilukhipa. Let us look at the facts one by one:
1.- Gilukhipa was the daughter of the King of Mitanni, King Shuttarna.
2.- She was sent to Kemet in the 10th year of Amenhotep III's reign.
3.-She arrived at Wast with 317 women of the Mitanni king's royal palace.
4.-Amenhotep sent "rich presents that reached the skies" to Shuttarna, as gift.
5.- Gilukhipa get the position of "Secondary King's Wife," right after queen Teje (Tiye)
6.- Some years after the wedding Shuttarna dies. After his oldest son had been killed, Gilukhipa's brother Tushratta becomes king.
7.- Tushratta sent his daughter Tadukhipa to Kemet and Amenhotep married her.
8.- Tushratta never had forgotten his sister. He wrote letters to her and once he sent a golden ring, earrings, purfumes and other golden presents.