Princess Henut-Taneb

I am Princess Henut-Taneb
the second daughter of Pharoah Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye My name, meaning 'Mistress of All Lands', was a title often held by queens. I have one older sister, Sitamun and three younger ones; Isis, Nebetah, and Beketaten. I also have at least two brothers, Akhenaten and Thutmose and Smenkhkare may have been a third brother, but his origins are sketchy at best, and this is by no means certain.

Like my sisters Sitamun and Isis, I may very well have been one of the wives of my father, Amenhotep III. Although I am never called the "King's Wife," my name is found in a cartouche and I have other titles that suggest that I was one of the many consorts of Amenhotep III. My fate, like so many of the others, is not known.

Princess Henut-Taneb's Titles
Consort of Horus Who is in His Heart
Great One in the Palace
King’s Daughter
King’s Daughter Whom He Loves