General Horemheb as a scribe

Text by Mekati and Ankhie

I am General/Pharaoh Horemheb (1335-1310)
Strictly speaking I shouldn't belong to the 18th Dynasty because I wasn't related to it. My predecessor, Ay, wasn't either, but he was 'legitimate' because he married Tutankhamen's widow, Queen Ankhesenamen. I married Mutnodjmet, possibly a daughter of Ay and/or half-sister of Queen Nefertiti. Manetho classed me in the 18th Dynasty in his "Egypt Sightseeings" and Egyptologists added me, because of this, there too.

Because of some facts I should be the first king of the 19th Dynasty. Maybe I was the father of Ramesses I, who was father of Setchi (Seti) I, who was father of the famous Ramesses II "the Great." Even if that isn't true, I did appoint Ramesses I as my heir, so I chose the first Pharaoh of the 19th dynasty.

I finally got the throne after a long time serving the pharaohs Akhenaten, (during whose reign I may have been known as Paaatenemheb) Smenhkkare and Tutankhamen, for whose favour I fought with Ay.

My career began like a soldier. In the time of Akhenaten I had the title "Army Scribe," in modern words something like a general. I fought in pacification acts in Asia and Kush, and was commander of the limit army and led diplomatic conferences with enemies and allied kingdoms. The most of my time I tried to spend at the court of the current pharaoh.

When Ay became regent of Egypt in the time of young Tutankhamen, I got the titles: "Both Eyes of the King of the Two Lands in All Countries" and "Deputy of the King of the Two Lands in All Countries". After Tutankhamen's death, I, together with Ay, removed the dangerous concurent in the fight of reign Egypt, prince Zannanza, son of the Hittite king Suppiluliuma I, that the Queen, Ankhesenamen, wished to marry. When I recognized that it was a plus for Ay, our beginning friendship ended.

I had to wait for four years until Ay left me the throne, and it's possible that I killed Ay to make it faster. Then I damaged everything from the four rulers that reigned Kemet before me, Akhenaten the Heretic, Smenkhkare, Tutankhamen, and Ay, too.

On the usurpation of the throne I commented so: "I am king of Kemet because Amun's heart wanted it so." We can translate it to: The priests of Amun helped me on the throne because I didn't like the idea of one God (unlike the Heretic and those boys) and so I fully turned his back on Aten and helped Amun to get his old glory back.

When Akhenaten turned the religion, I, regretfully, took a new name: Paatenemheb. During Tutankhamen's reign I turned back into Horemheb. I damaged everything that remembered on Akhenaten and killed hundreds of people that believed in Aten. I gave all the land back to the priesthood of Amun that Akhenaten had took from them.

My throne name was Dsesecherprure (Djeserkheperure, or Djeserkheprura are other spellings) and I ruled 15-20 years. Manetho wrote down that I ruled only 4-5 years, some Egyptian sources say 40-50 years. Because I damaged all things about my predecessors and said that I was son of Amenhotep III. They added the rule years of my predecessors (Akhenaten, Smenkhkare, Ay, and Tutankhamen) to my years.

My favourite sentence was :"He cleaned up Egypt". I thought of the people believing in Aten as the enemies of Amun.

I fought against corruption in Kemet too. I had people cut off the noses of these people, who wanted to harm the Two Lands.

I was a great diplomat and Chief of the Army. I fought against the Hittites and won with help of the Mitannies. I turned to Kush and won it back for Egypt. I opened the way to Punt for Egyptian ships oncemore. My glory grew under the kings of all countries, I was the best ruler of his time and knew how to give Egypt its old power back. There were many hymns about me which said: "Big is his power in every country."

Great was my love to build. I built a pylon in the Karnak temple of Amun which is the biggest one (105m wide). On the south side of the temple I built two pylons. My work is also the "avenue of the sphinxes" which conected the temple of Amun with the temple of Mut and was about 250m long. I reconstructed many other buildings and temples, not only in Egypt but in whole Egypt.

There are also many buildings that were built by Ay or Tutankhamen but I had changed the names on them. I also fully damaged Amarna and made it to a ghost city. My tomb is very famous. Until today there is standing my sarcophagus and beautiful wall reliefs with mythological scenes.