Princess Isis

I am Princess Isis
the third daughter of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye I was named after the Goddess Isis, or Aset, and the name of the Goddess actually means 'throne.' I had two older sisters, Sitamun and Henut-Taneb; and two yonuger ones; Nebetah, and Beketaten. I also had at least two brothers, Akhenaten and Thutmose.

Like my sister Sitamun (and most probably Henut-Taneb as well) I was one of the wives of our father. Unlike Henut-Taneb, I am specifically referred to as a 'King's Wife', and my name is inscribed in a cartouche, a perogative of royal consorts. After the death of Amenhotep III, I

fade from view, what happened to this me is unknown.

Princess Isis' Titles
King's Wife
King’s Daughter
King’s Daughter Whom He Loves