Mara: Kiya ta-Sherit

Text by Ankhie.

*NOTE: Queen Kiya did have a daughter, and her name was lost to history. Most of the other information presented here, however, is based on Mara's role in the story. We do not know her birth year, or if Kiya really was the mother of Tutankhaten. In our story however, Mara is the older (full-)sister of Prince Tutankhaten.

I am Mara, the daughter of Pharaoh Akhenaten and the King's Favorite, Kiya. Sometimes in books am I am called "Kiya ta-Sherit," because my real name is not known. "Kiya ta-Sherit" means "The Little Kiya," "Kiya the Younger," or "Kiya Junior." I was represented a few times in relief with my mother Kiya at Amarna. I was not represented nearly as often as my half sisters, the daughters of my father's chief wife, Nefertiti. Meritaten, Meketaten, Ankhesenpaaten, Neferneferuaten ta-Sherit, Nefernefrure, and Setepenre all held higher positions than I. They were "King's Daughters of His Body, Whom He Loves, born of the King's Great Wife," I was simply "King's Daughter of His Body." I'm sure he loved me too, though. I know he loved my mother.

I am the only child of Queen Kiya to which there is textual reference, even if my true name has been lost. I am the older sister of Prince Tutankhaten, a future Pharaoh. To modern eyes, the parentage of my little brother is unclear, as we only know that he is the son of a king, and we do not know which king. I was born in year three of my father's reign, when he was still known as Amenhotep IV. I was born about halfway between the births of my Stepmother Nefertiti's second and third daughters, Meketaten in year two, and Ankhesenpaaten in year five. My mother's original name was Tadukhipa, she is a Princess from Mitanni. My grandfathers are Nebmaatre Amenhotep III, a Pharaoh of Egypt, and Tushratta, the King of Mitanni. I may not be as exalted as my half sisters, but our parentage makes me and Tutankhaten royalty in two countries!

It is not known when I died; possibly before Tutankhaten became pharaoh, as there is no reference to me, as a "King's Sister" or otherwise, during Nebkheperure Tutankhamen's reign.