Princess Nebetah

I am Princess Nebetah
the fourth daughter of Pharaoh Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye. My name, which means 'Lady of the Palace' or 'Great Lady', was also a title given to queens. Both my elder sister Henut-Taneb and I were given names that were traditionally titles of Egyptian queens. Besides Henut-Taneb, I also had two other elder sisters, Sitamun and Isis, as well as one younger sister, Beketaten. My brothers were Akhenaten and Thutmose, and possibly Smenkhkare, if he was indeed the son of Amenhotep III as some scholars suggest. Others, however, many think this mysterious young man was a son of Akhenaten himself.

I am never called a 'King's Wife' and it doesn't seem that I was married to Amenhotep III. Due to her lack of presence on many monmuments that the elder daughters of Tiye appear on, it has been suggested that I was significantly younger than Sitamun, Henut-Taneb, and Isis. My ultimate fate, like those of my sisters, is not know.

Nebetah's only known title was 'King's Daughter Whom He Loves.'