King's Daughter Neferuaten

Text by Neferuaten

*NOTE: Neferuaten is a fictional character. Although it is probable that Amenhotep III and Gilukhipa did have children, there are no records of any of them. Princess Neferuaten is "historically fictional." :)

I am Neferuaten, my name means "Beauty of Aten" (although I'm not a beauty and I don't know much about this Aten - there are so many gods in Kemet that a little girl can't learn everything about them.) I am the daughter of Amenhotep III and the Mitanni princess Gilukhipa. I am only 3 years old, and my family calls me Sherit ("little one"), because until the birth of my half-sister Isis, I was the youngest daughter of the Pharaoh. (Well, I'm happy that I am not the youngest any more!)

I am living in the Royal Palace in Waset and I love playing with my brothers and sisters. They are the loveliest brothers and sisters in the world, they never tease me (well, only sometimes.) My brother Amenhotep is the closest to me. He even lets me call him 'Hotpi'. (It annoys him when others do so.) It's great to have such a large family.

I am said to be a lovely little girl, although - to my deepest sorrow - I am not as pretty as my half-sisters are. I hope that when I grow up, I'll be as beautiful as Mama and Queen Tiye are. I'm usually shy, but sometimes I talk too much (well, nobody is perfect...)