One of the younger Amarna Princesses, Setepenre, perhaps

Text by Sati

I am Princess Setepenre
(her name meaning «Chosen of Re»), the sixth Amarna princess. I was probably born during Year 9 of Akhenaten's reign, though Year 10 is equally possible. All six of us were publicly displayed at least as early as the "eighth day of the second month of winter in Year 12", the date of the "Coronation Tribute" scenes in the Akhet-Aten tombs.

From the evidence of the relief on wall of the Royal Tomb (where five princesses are listed, Nefernefrure's name being covered by plaster, but only four are depicted), it would appear that I died prior to Nefernefrure - probably about Year 13 or Year 14, and that I may never have reached my sixth birthday. :( My death may have come prior to my sister Meketaten's, possibly before construction of the Royal Tomb was sufficiently advanced to accept any occupants, so maybe I was the first of the Amarna princesses to die. But not so in our stories! :)

A Sample Setepenre Story:

Remarkable Nofret and Sati's Sins of the Past
on the Shadow of Amun thread by Sati, aka Setepenre (Medoret Meritamen)

That morning Setepenre was sitting at the foot of the garden stairs beside Nofret, rubbing the palm of her hand over dog’s throat.

«Stop it, Sati! You’ll strangle her,» said Ankhesenpaaten, who was busy playing senet with Tutankhaten.

«Nah, she likes it....»

Setepenre’s eyes widened. «Ankhie, Tut, look! It’s amazing!»


«Come and feel this! It’s remarkable!»


«Look! When you touch her here, like this, it’s exactly like human’s!» Setepenre rubbed her own throat and then the dog’s again. «Come and feel it, Ankhie. I’m not lying!»

«Let me feel it,» Tutankhaten turned over ahead of his sister. «You’re right! You really are. Let me feel Ankhie’s now.»

«Ah, Tut, Ankhie can’t compete with Nofret,» grinned Setepenre. «If she had a skin as smooth as hers, she’d be too conceited to talk to us!»

Ankhesenpaaten snorted. «Here, feel my throat if you like!»

«You come touch Nofret’s first, Ankhie,» persuaded Setepenre.

Ankhesenpaaten sighed, put down her game piece and stretched out her hand toward Nofret.

«See? What did I tell you? Isn’t it great?»

«’re right. Her hair is so short and silky, it hardly feels like hair at all,» she admitted.

«And the neck is just the right size too,» said Tutankhaten. «I wonder which of us has a bigger neck.» He cupped one hand against Nofret’s throat and the other against his own. «Exactly my size!»

Setepenre smiled. «Well, Ankhie, anytime you get lonesome for Tut you can call Nofret and feel her throat.»

Ankhesenpaaten rolled her eyes. «Sati, you’re impossible, do you know that?»

«Sure, Ahmose told me this morning,» Setepenre giggled. «Oh, and she promised me a surprise after the evening celebration! I don’t know what it is, but I’m sure it’ll be great!»

«Your nurse is a smart lady,» Tutankhaten said. «I bet it was the only way to make you go to the celebration.»

Ankhesenpaaten looked down at Setepenre. «Really, Sati, your fear of Ay is ridiculous! You can’t hide forever.»

«Sure,» Setepenre said wistfully. «It wasn’t *you* Ay promised to feed to the crocodiles!» Ankhesenpaaten’s eyes met Tutankhaten’s and they laughed.

«What’s so funny?» Setepenre looked hurt.

«Sati, Ay didn’t mean it, really,» Tutankhaten answered, smiling. «It was a joke. Besides, what did you expect after all you’ve done, a «thank you»? You stuffed a rat into poor man’s bed, remember?»

«Twas just a little mouse,» Setepenre said pointedly. «Absolutely harmless, it was.»

«Yeah, dead mice usually are.»

Setepenre made a face. She thought of a proper answer but was rescued from the lash of Tut’s tongue by the appearance of Ahmose.