Tutankhamen's Court

Text by Ankhie, with help from Reeves' "The Complete Tutankhamun."

Lord Maya & Lady Merit We are Maya and Merit, a noble couple from Tutankhamen's court. I, Lord Maya, was very close to my king. The gifts (wooden shabti and a bier figure) I left in his tomb at his untimely death attest to the fondess I had for the young King. I served Tutankhamen as the Overseer of works in the Place of Eternity and Overseer of the Royal Treasury. I took an active part in the preparation for Tutankhamen's burial and it's restoration after a few attempted robberies that were, Praise be to Amun!, thwarted before much was stolen. I latered served Pharaoh Horemheb as overseer as the Treasury (I may have kept the post during Ay's reign as well) and was burried in a very nice tomb near Horemheb's unused one in Saqqara.
And I, Lady Merit, am the wife of my Lord Maya. As a member of the court, I grew to know the Pharaoh and Queen, dear Tutankhamen and Ankhesenamen, quite well. The two were in a tough position, and Maya and I were certainly happy to be friends that they so desperately needed. Maya and I are most famous for the lovely statue of us that was found in the tomb chapel at Saqqara.

General Nakhtmin I am Nakhtmin, another court offical from Tutankhamen's reign. Like Maya, I was a close friend of the King and a member of his inner circle. I was a military officer, and (evidently) a rather close relative to the God's Father, Ay. Some even think I may have been his son, since on a statue of me from Ay's reign, I am called "King's Son." However, this may have simply been an honorary title. Perhaps Ay hoped I, not Horemheb, would succeed him as Pharaoh. Like my contemporary Maya, I, too, left shabtis in Tutankhamen's tomb that demonstrate my closeness to the young man.

Huy, Viceroy of Kush I am Huy, Tutankhamen's Viceroy of Kush. My job was to oversee the shipment of gold from Nubia to the Pharaoh's treasury and insure that tribute was presented to my King from the gold-rich land. Sometimes, I am known as Amenhotep-Huy. I have a very fancy tomb in Waset (Thebes) attesting to my achievements. My wife was Taemwadjsi, who was the "Chief of the Harem of Tutankhamen." Since the Pharaoh had only one wife, Queen Ankhesenamen, my Taemwadjsi was never all that busy.

Other officials from Tutankhamen's reign:

Ay and Horemheb (of course!)
Viziers of Upper and Lower Egypt: Usermont and Pentu
Seba, Mayor of Thinis
Panakht, Governor of Kawa
Merymery, Royal Scribe
Mahu, Servant of Amun (Preist of Amun)
Khay, Scribe
Ipy, Chief Steward and Fanbeerer
Ptahemhat-Ty, High Priest of Ptah