Text by Ankhie

I am Queen Tiye,
the Great Royal Wife of Amenhotep III. I married Amenhotep when I was about 12. Amenhotep and I had many children including; Sitamun, Thutmose, Akhenaten, Henut-Taneb, Isis, Nebetah, and Beketaten.

I was a "commoner queen" of the 18th Dynasty. I was not the sister or half sister of my husband. I was the daughter of Yuya, Master of the Horse; and Thuya, a noble couple from the southern town of Akhmin. I had two brothers, Anen, the Second Prophet of Amun, and the infamous Ay was also probably my brother. My family was very influential, and I remained a force to be reckoned with throughout my husband's entire 37 year reign. And when my son, Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten, became Pharaoh, I remained prominent. My elder son, Thutmose, died before he could assume the throne.

I am represented in relief at Amarna, often with my son and young daugther, Beketaten. I remain in the lime-light until about year 12, when it is assumed I have died. I was probably burried at Amarna, but may have been moved to the Valley of the Kings during the reign of my grandson, Tutankhamen.

Queen Tiye's titles

Great of Fearsomness;
The One Who is United With the King Who Appears as Shu;
She is in the Company of Your Majesty Like Maat in the Company of Re;
Sweet of Love;
Mistress of Joy, Lady of the Sweet Winds;
The One Who Fills the Palace with Love;
The One Who Fills the Palace with Beauty;
Great of Offerings, Splendid of Ornaments;
Mistress of The Imat-scepter;
Great of Praises;
Mother of the King;
Mother of the God;
King’s Wife;
King’s Great Wife;
King’s Great Wife Whom He Loves;
Lady of the Two Lands;
Lady of the South and the North;
Lady of All the Lands;
Mistress of the two Lands...