Iiwy em Hotep en Akhet-Aten!

Greetings! I am Ankhesenpaaten, one of the six "Amarna Princesses," and I welcome you to my beloved home: the royal City of Akhetaten, or as you may know it, Amarna.
Please take your time and get to know my family and our city. Virtual Amarna is a collection of webpages and text by members of the Amarna Group at AncientSites/the Amarna Novel at Pan Historia.

Contributors to Virtual Amarna include: Gilukhipa, Tia, Kiyanefere Amenhotep, Neferkheperure-Waenre Akhenaten, Rahulchand Amenhotep, Nefernefrure Hatshepsut, Neferuaten, Chione Nebet, Persenti Nebet, Tetisheri Mentuhotep, Ankhesenpaaten, Setepenre, Merita Meritamen, Tutankhamen Meritamen, Beketaten, Meritaten, and Nefertiti Sobkeneferu. We have much to see here! Em heset net Aten, khenmes! (May you be in favor with Aten, friend!)

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