Family Tree

What is big, complicated, and nearly impossile to figure out? That's right, it's the Amarna family tree! Though the actual relationships between many of the principal characters are still in question, we of the Amarna RP have had to make some decisions. Also, fictional and foriegn characters have worked their way into the family.
I have included other branches, as well as the main line of the House of Thebes. I determined the House of Thebes line by using only the children of Great Royal Wives. The other children remain part of thier respective branches. Except for Mutnodjmet... though as the daughter of the Tey she is the child of a Great Royal Wife, Tey wasn't queen when Mutnodjmet was born, so sorry, Mutnie, you're still part of the Yuya line. House of Thebes is dark red, the House of Mitanni is blue, the House of Akhmin is purple. Aper-el's family is gold, and Amennu's family is green.
In the case of fathers marrying daughters, umm... I, well, left out any indication of this. The tree was complicated enough, without linking daughters back to their fathers. You know who they are. Anyway, let's see if you all can figure this bad boy out!

Best of luck!

For our RP purposes....
-Nefertiti is the daughter of Ay and an unknown first wife.
-Mutnodjmet is her half-sister, daughter of Ay and Tey.
-Smenkhkare is the son of Amenhotep III and Tiye
-Tutankhaten is the son of Akhenaten and Kiya
-Meritaten TaSherit and Ankhesenpaaten TaSherit are the twin daughters of Meriaten and Smenkhkare. There is absolutely NO evidence of this. We just thought it would be fun and that it is plausible.
-Tia, Ankhesenpaaten's nurse, is the daughter of Anen. Her husband is Duat, Ankhesenpaaten's medjay. Duat is a descendant of Amenhotep Son of Hapu
-Amennu Senmuth is completely fictional, as are his children Ramose and Amati. Ramose's relationship with the (historical, I swear!) Princess Henut-Taneb, is also fictional, as is there son, Ramses.
-Aper-El, a semetic vizier of Akhenaten, did exist. However, we know not if he had a son, and if he did, what his name was. His marriage to Princess Nebetah is also completely fictional.
-Queen Kiya did have a daughter. We don't know here name. We called her Mara. :)
-Neferuaten is fictional, but who's to say Gilukhipa and Amenhotep III didn't have a daughter? Not only is it possible, but likely.
-The Mitanni royalty is pretty close to historical, though Kiya's origins are still questioned. The tree may be a little unclear.