Aten Gleams in Waset: Beginning of a New Age


The Aten Gleams in Waset is one of the role-plays in the Amarna Novel. The RP spans the time from year 28 of the reign of Nebmaatre Amenhotep III and his Great Royal Wife, Tiye; until year 5 of their son, Amenhotep IV. The RP starts when Amenhotep IV, the future Akhenaten, is four years old. The purpose of the RP is to explore the political and religious issues of the time and to see how Akhenaten's early life may have shaped the controversial Pharaoh he would become.

The Children of Amenhotep III and Tiye Sitamun is the eldest, born in about year 18, which would make her 12 when she was a Queen with her own household in year 30.
Princess Sitamun is about 10 years old at the beginning of the Aten Gleams in Waset RP.

Thutmose (Djhutmose) Born in about year 21, Crown Prince Thutmose has just died in AGW

Amenhotep (the future Akhenaten) Born in about year 24, making him in his mid to late teens when he is made Pharaoh.
Prince Amenhotep IV is 4 years old.

Henut-Taneb Year 25, one year younger than Amenhotep IV.
Princess Henut-Taneb is 3 in Gleams.

Isis Year 28, four years younger than Amenhotep IV.
Princess Isis is a toddler in Aten Gleams.

Nebetah Year 32, making her a teenager in New Amarna, the right age for an Egyptian girl to marry.
Princess Nebetah is not born yet in The Aten Gleams in Waset.

Smenkhkare year 35, for our RP purposes, he is the son of Amenhotep III and Tiye. This birth year will work with the 12 year old he is in New Amarna.
Prince Smenkhkare is not born yet.

Beketaten born in about year 36 or 37, making her in her pre-teens in New Amarna.
Princess Beketaten is not born yet, either.

Other Characters include:

Pharaoh Nebmaatre Amenhotep, Queen Tiye, Princess Gilukhipa, Princess Tadukhipa (Kiya), Princess Neferuaten (fictional daughter of Amenhotep III and Gilukhipa) Paranefer, Amenhotep (son of Hapu)....
Family of Queen Tiye:
Brother, Lord Ay. Sister-in-law, Lady Tey. Nieces Nefertiti and Mutnodjmet (Mutnodjmet not born yet) Mother Thuya. Father, Yuya. Brother, Anen. Niece, Tia (not born yet).
Sisters of Amenhotep III:
Princess Tiaa, Princess Amenemopet

For more information on these and other characters, please see "Character Bios."
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