Guidelines for the Amarna Novel

By Ankhesenpaaten, Amarna Board Member

Getting Started with Amarna:

Welcome to Amarna!

We are a novel based around historical role-play and discussion of the turbulent Amarna period of Ancient Egyptian history. The period produced some of the most famous Egyptians; counting among their ranks Tutankhamen, Nefertiti, and of course, Akhenaten.
While we are a continuation of the Amarna Group at AncientSites, we certainly welcome new members!

Please check with one of the board members before jumping in (on second thought, they'll probably contact you first...) We are happy to help in any way. Also, be sure to visit Virtual Amarna for more information on our role-plays, key players, and the period in general.

Some Amarna Rules/Guidelines/Info:

The rules for the Amarna role-play are pretty standard, they include:

Positive comments and *CONSTRUCTIVE* criticism only. Be respectful. We want this to be a free creative outlet, and do not want to see members too intimidated to post. We were all new at this once.:)

Be sure to read the posts before you post; try to keep the flow going.

Pay attention to the general landscape, genre, and time-period in which you are writing. Try to avoid anachronisms; remember this is Ancient Egypt. We don't even use camels yet. :)

I recommended talking with another character before using them in your posts (at least the first time). In Amarna, most folks are more than happy to be a part of your storyline, (in fact, we pride ourselves in being friendly!:) but sometimes they may have a plot line of their own. Just introduce yourself, say hello, and I'm sure they'll be happy to help you out.

When you are writing with someone else and include them in your post, you may want to read some of that character's posts to get a feel for their actions/speech, etc.

We would appreciate it if you ask before creating new topics. Of course, we won't hunt you down if you do (we're harmless really:) but it would be nice if you could check with Neferkheperure-Waenre Akhenaten, who is our Pharaoh and board "Editor", Keeper of the Threads if you will. If you want to create a new topic or you don't know where to post, talk to Pharaoh.

You may not kill or harm any other character without their express permission! Due to the historical nature of Amarna, this is especially crucial. Killing off Akhenaten in year 12 (when he ruled for 17 years...) would, disrupt the storyline.

Less is more, try to avoid superflous decoration like music/backgrounds/animation in your posts.

Don't be afraid to ask questions! We won't bite, I promise!

Some Notes About Characters

-Although this is a historical novel, fictional characters are generally welcome. Just ask Ashur. :)

-Be careful when choosing a character; many appear in more than one story line! Make sure it's not more than you can handle (time wise). We have three active ones here in Amarna:
"The Aten Gleams in Waset" - was created to explore the beginning of the Amarna period. It is set in year 28 of Amenhotep III's reign. Prince Amenhotep IV (the future Akhenaten) is for years old. For more info, click here.
"New Amarna (II)"- The first Amarna role-play; based in Akhenaten's reign. This story line is in about year 9 of Akhenaten. For more info, click right here.
"Everywhere the Glint of Gold"- 13-year-old Tutankhamen has been "ruling" Egypt under the watchful eyes of his advisors for nearly three years. His court is about to abandon Akhetaten for good. For more, click here.

-Talk to Ankhesenpaaten about filling in a role, what roles are open, or info on the characters. Don't worry, I'm harmless, really. :) -You don't have to role-play! We appreciate discussion as much as a good story. If you are interested in the period, but aren't the RP type, be sure to check the story board for historical topics.

-Don't feel you have to play a character of your gender. Our wonderful Akhenaten is played by a very talented young lady, for example.

-Have fun! I know that I have had a fantastic time as part of Amarna, and I dare you to ask any member, I'm sure they'll agree. Please don't hesititate to join, the more the merrier! We may be an established group, but we are always happy to welcome new members.

-PLEASE, if you choose a character, devote time to it! You do not know how often a choice character is chosen and then never posts. This brings me to the Amarna Understudy program.

The Understudty program was instated back at AS in an effort to keep crucial characters active even when their players are missing in action. There are two ways this can happen:

1) If you know you are going to be away for an extended amount of time, let us know! We will find someone to fill in for you temporarily, an "Understudy" for your characters, until you return. When you come back, you also get your character back. :)

2) If you do not post for over a month, and YOUR CHARACTER IS NEEDED, someone from the group will attempt to contact you and encourage you to post. We understand that sometimes there is nothing for your character to do, and you will not be penalized for not posting if this is case. If there is no answer, and/or you do not post within a week or so, an understudy will be assigned. You then have about two months to return and become active before the Understudy can decide to take on the role permanently. If you do post, either a story post, or an explanation "I just moved and my computer has been down... ect.," we may still assign an Understudy, but rest assured that, with an explanation up front, the role will again be yours when you are ready for it.

3) When choosing a character (that is, an historical one) please try to post within the first month of filling that role. If a month or two goes by without any activity, an Understudy will be assigned or the role re-cast. Again, this applies mainly to historical characters.

So, please, when choosing a role (particularly one in the Royal Family) please think of it as a commitment. I don't want to scare you away, but we have this way here in Amarna of feeling like a real family, and the loss of a family members is always tough. If you do want to drop your character, please be considerate enough to let one of the board members know. Thank you, and enjoy Amarna!

May the Light of Aten always shine upon you!

King's Daughter,
King's Great Wife,
Friend, :)