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How can I contact you?

Due to the recent end of AS and move to PH, we at the Amarna group have taken some precautions. All members of AncientSite's Amarna group and/or PH's Amarna Novel are strongly encouraged to join our new E-group.

The Amarna AS E-Group Please note that the address is now *different* since Yahoo has taken over E-groups... *sigh* everything just gets more and more complicated...

We have a spot reserved for us over at EZBoard. EZboard Amarna can be found here, and used when PH is offline.

Member Contact Info

PH Name: Neferkheperure-Waenre Akhenaten
AS Name: Mayati Amenhotep
Character: Akhenaten
AV Name: Neferkheperure
E-mail: heptune@altavista.com

PH Name: Neferneferuaten-TaSherit & Neferneferuaten-Nefertiti
AS Name: TaSherit Amenhotep
Characters: Nefernefruaten-TaSherit and Nefertiti
E-mail: debracadabra1@hotmail.com, debcando@aol.com, ohsandahs@msn.com
Yahoo!IM: debracadabra1

PH Name: Henut-Taneb & Miriamen Hatshepsut
AS Name: Miriamen Hatshepsut
Character: Henut-Taneb
AV Name: Miriamen
E-mail: miriamenhatshepsut@hotmail.com

PH Name: Mutnodjmet
AS Name: Nefersha Hatshepsut
Character: Mutnodjmet
AV Name: Nefersha
E-mail: butterflies_29@hotmail.com
Yahoo!IM: nefersha

PH name: Neferuaten
AS name: Meritaton Isetnofret
Character: Neferuaten
AV name: Neferuaten
E-mail: merytaton@hotmail.com
Yahoo! IM: neferu_aten

PH Name: Ankhesenpaaten
AS Name: Ankhesenamen Meritamen
Character: Ankhesenpaaten/Ankhesenamen
AV Name: Ankhesenpaaten
E-mail: ankhes_@hotmail.com
AOL IM: Ankhesenat
Yahoo IM: ankhesenpaaten

PH Name:Setepenre
AS Name: Medoret Meritamen
Character: Setepenre
AV Name: Medoret
Yahoo IM: princess_setepenre or medoret
E-mail: medoret@lietuva.net and medoret@yahoo.com

PH Name: Ashur
AS Name: Ashur Nebuchadnezzar
Character: Ashur, Babylonian Ambassador.
AV Name: Ashur Nebuchad
Email: szuja_77@yahoo.com
Yahoo IM: szuja_77

PH Name: Meritaten
AS Name: Meritaten Sobkneferu
Character: Meritaten
AV Name: Arashi
E-mail: mayati@canada.com
ICQ: 29756964

PH Names: Sitamun and Kayamanu
AS Name: Sitamun Mutemwiya
Characters: Sitamun, Kayamanu
AOL IM: Kayamanu
E-Mail: sitamunmutemwiya@hotmail.com

PH Name: Thuya
AS Name: Nefertiti Sobkneferu
AV Name: QueenNefertiti
Character: Thuya
E-mail: nefertiti___@hotmail.com
AOL IM: Meritaten22
Yahoo!IM: queenefertitii
ICQ: 31765173

To be added to this list, e-mail Ankhsati.