New Amarna was the first in the revival of role-plays in the Amarna group. Founding members of the RP at AncientSites were (in order of picking up a character) Rahulchand Amenhotep, Nefertiti23 Hatshepsut (AKA Nefertiti Sobkneferu), Tutankhamen Meritamen, Ankhesenamen Meritamen, Anaxarete Valerius, Melon Junius, Kiyanefere Amenhotep, and Mayati Amenhotep.

New Amarna is set in the reign of Akhenaten, after the move to the new capital of Amarna (Akhetaten). We are currently in Year 12. The story was continued in The Shadow of Amun (the Reign & Death of Smenkhkare) and will continue further in Everywhere the Glint of Gold (the Reign of Tutankhamen).

The Royal Daughters of Akhenaten and Nefertiti

Meritaten is the eldest, born either in year 1 or while Akhenaten/Amenhotep was still Crown Prince. She has been appointed a one of Pharaoh's Royal Wives.
Princess Meritaten is 13 years old.

Meketaten Princess Meketaten has died at the age of 12.

Ankhesenpaaten Born in about year 5, Ankhesenpaaten is the thrid princess who was appointed to the cermonial rank of Royal Wife. Born in early year 5, this will make her about 13 when she becomes Tutankhaten's Great Royal Wife.
In New Amarna, Princess Ankhesenpaaten is nearly 8 years old.

Neferneferuaten-TaSherit Born in early year 7, she is the first princess actually born in Akhet-Aten.
Princess Nefernefruaten is about 5 years old.

Princess Nefernefrure is about 4 1/2, just a little older than Setepenre.

Setepenre Year 10, the youngest of the six princesses.
Princess Setepenre is nearly 4 in New Amarna.

The Children of Akhenaten and Kiya

Mara about year 3. Mara (we do not know her actual historical name... but Queen Kiya did have a daughter!) is the daughter of an Egyptian King and a Mitannian Princess.
Princess Mara is 9 in New Amarna.

Tutankhaten born in about year 7, Tutankhaten (in our RP, at least) is Akhenaten's only son. With his birth in year 7, it will make him about 10 when he becomes Pharaoh after Smenkhkare.
Prince Tutankhaten is nearly 6 years old.

Other Characters include:

Pharaoh Neferkheperure-Waenre Akhenaten, Queen Nefernefruaten-Nefertiti, Queen Kiya, God's Father Ay, Lady Tey, Horemheb, Lady Mutnodjmet, Lady Tia, Princess Henut-Taneb, Princess Isis, Princess Nebetah, Princess Beketaten, Prince Smenkhkare, Lady Tiya, Meryre, Panehasy,...

For more information on these and other characters, please see "Character Bios"
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