Aten's Rays Still Shine, In Spite of The Shadow of Amun


The second of the Amarna group storylines, the Shadow of Amun picked up where New Amarna will leave off. "Shadow" was set directly after the death of Akhenaten. Designed to explore the aftermath of the Amarna period, it took us through the reigns of Ankhkheperure-Djeserkheperu Smenkhkare and up to the coronation(s) of the 'boy-king' Nebkheperure Tutankhaten/amen. We have since switched to a new storyline, "Everywhere the Glint of Gold," but "The Shadow of Amun" is availble to read and enjoy.

Characters: The Amarna Youth

~Smenkhkare+ = 19
~Meritaten+ (Mayati) = 16
Meritaten ta-Sherit = newborn
Ankhesenpaaten ta-Sherit+ = newborn

Mara Meritaten = 14
~Ankhesenpaaten = 12 1/2
~Tutankhaten = 10 1/2
Neferneferuaten-TaSherit = 10
Neferneferure = 9
Setepenre = 8 1/2

Lady Merit = 15
Niqmat of Ugarit = 12

The Rest of the Gang....

Amennu Senmuth
~Pharaoh or Queen in the past/present
* Pharaoh or Queen in the future
+ Died in the course of the story

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