The Amarna Understudy Program

The Understudy Program was instated back at AncientSites in an effort to keep crucial characters active even when their players are missing in action. There are a few ways this can happen:

1) If you know you are going to be away for an extended amount of time, let us know! We will find someone to fill in for you temporarily -- an "Understudy" for your character(s) -- until you return. When you come back, you also get your character back. :)

2) If you do not post for over a month, and YOUR CHARACTER IS NEEDED, someone from the group will attempt to contact you and encourage you to post. We understand that sometimes there is nothing for your character to do, and you will not be penalized for not posting if this is case. If there is no answer, and/or you do not post within a week or so, an Understudy will be assigned. You then have about two months to return and become active before the Understudy can decide to take on the role permanently. If you do post, either a story post, or an explanation "I just moved and my computer has been down..., etc." We may still assign an Understudy, but rest assured that, with an explanation up front, the role will again be yours when you are ready for it.

3) When choosing a character please try to post within the first month of filling that role. If a month or two goes by without any activity, an Understudy will be assigned or the role re-cast. This (normally) only applies to historical characters.

So, please, when choosing a role (particularly one in the Royal Family) please think of it as a commitment. We don't want to scare you away, but we have this way here in Amarna of feeling like a real family, and the loss of a family members is always tough. If you do want to drop your character, please be considerate enough to let one of the board members know. :)