yep, that's me, Jenna Okay, here's the place where I confess. No, I am not an Egyptologist. My real name is Jenna and I am an 20-year-old college student who is, for some reason, nearly obsessed with Ancient Egypt (and other things). Yes, it's true. Although, I do have some "normal" hobbies as well, I love art (yes, those are really my works) and music. I play the flute and piccolo, and I'm trying to learn the guitar. About 5 years ago, I got the internet, and that is my newest obsession. I'm getting pretty good at this webpage stuff, wouldn't you say? :)

If you are curious why I use the names "Ankhesenpaaten" and "Ankhesenamen," I guess I will tell you. As you can see, I am fascinated by ancient Egypt, and Ankhesenamen is by far my favorite personality from history. It's rather inexplicable. I love the Amarna period and the story of Tutankhamen, not his tomb; his life, I suppose. Don't get me wrong, the tomb is MAGNIFICENT, but the gold doesn't impress me all that much. . . anyway, now I am rambling. :) The Amarna period, the time in which Ankhesenamen and Tutankhamen were born, is the most unique--and in my humble opinion--the most fascinating in Egyptian history. Also, the Egyptians believed that to speak one's name lets them live again, so...:)

Music? Hmm... I like lots of different artists and groups: Blessid Union of Souls, Ani DiFranco, Dar Williams--and the Hullabahoos! If any Bhoo sees this, I love you guys! Some oldies like the Beatles and the Supremes, America and the Eagles... my parents love the Eagles, I grew up listing to them! :) My favorite color is blue, the closest I can get to telling you what shade of blue is the color of Lapis Lazuli, how appropriate, huh?

Personality wise, I am quite shy in real life, but tend to open up via the computer keys. I guess it's because I don't like confrontations, and the internet eliminates that. I'm a chronic worrier and am often a victim of my own anxiety. I'm pretty much a private person, as I tend to keep my own counsel, and share the inner workings of my heart and soul with few. I've spent countless hours pondering the mysteries of life. I believe in the unbelievable just because it makes life so much more... magical, I suppose. I am (with few exceptions) a straight 'A' student in school and undisputed 'brains' of the family. I'm also the world's biggest goody-two-shoes and have been called "Miss Nice" and "The Goddess of Kindness" by some of my friends. I'm particularly proud of those two titles! :) In my yearbook from my senior year of high school, at least four people refered to me as "a voice of reason" or something similiar. That's a good thing, right?

me again!
I'm a hopeless romantic... yes, I am. I love fairy tales and love stories. Romeo and Juliet and the Little Mermaid (the Disney version, the real version doesn't have a happy ending...) are among my favorites. I love to sing, although I haven't been a choir or anything since elementary school, but I sing around the house constantly. I've began writing again, a hobby I had enjoyed when I was even younger... :) Um, Family? I live with my parents and two younger brothers. One is 18 and the other is 14.