Which Amarna Era Pharaoh Are You?

Your Ideal Woman is:

Any woman is ideal! I am the Mighty Bull!
Someone to play Goddess to my God
So we agree that I am not a woman?
She'd have to be young
She'd have to have strong political connections
She'd have to be OK with being one of many...

Your Mother?

She is a bit overbearing
She is a Queen, and no one better say otherwise!
I don't speak with Mother much
Gee, I don't know what to say
She comes from a humble background
Mom? She's very sweet

Your Claim to Fame

My magnificence
My religion
My youth and possessions
My wisdom and longevity
My mysterious nature
My strength and courage


Charging into battle
Regicide. Oops, did I say that?
Hunting and/or board games
Trying to figure myself out
Starting revolutions
Women, and maybe taking pleasure cruises

In a Word, You Are:

Um... Unique?

Your Marriage (or relationship)

She is beautiful
We do everything together
She is as powerful as I am
She puts up with me
I will tame her
She's perfect, but I fear it won't last

How long would your reign be?

Average. But I'll make a huge impact.
Short. But I'll be remembered.
Millions and millions of years!
Short. And after all that work too. . .
Average. But I'll take credit for more.
I'm not sure if I even ruled. . .

Created June 12, 2002 by Ankhesenpaaten
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