Greek Royal Family
Family of King George and Queen Olga

King George and Queen Olga with children, c. 1887: Marie, Nicholas, George, Constantine, Alexandra, and Andrew in front. King George, born Prince William of Denmark, father of Christopher. Assassinated in 1913 King George
Queen Olga, Christo's mother.  Born GD Olga Konstantinovna Queen Olga with her eldest daughter, Princess Alexandra HM Queen Olga of Greece
Christo's eldest brother Constantine, called Tino Constantine and Sophie with their children in 1910: Paul, Alexander, George, Helen and Irene Tino's wife, Sophie, sister of Kaiser Wilhelm II
Prince George (Greek Georgie, Big George) of Greece Princess Alexandra, Grand Duchess Pavel of Russia.  Mother of Maria Pavlovna and Dmitri Pavlovich.  Died in 1891. HRH Prince Nicholas by N. Zarokilli
Wedding of Prince Nicholas of Greece to Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna of Russia Nicky and Ellen: Prince and Princess Nicholas of Greece GD Elena Vladimirovna, age four
Princess Nicholas of Greece and Denmark, called Ellen Princess Marie, c. 1887 Marie (now Maria Georgievna) and her husband, GD Georgy Mikhailovich of Russia
Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, c. 1887 Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, c. 1920 Prince Andrew with is wife Alice of Battenberg
Christopher, age three, with his mama! The future Nicholas II with little Christo Prince Christo as a young man
Christo again, older, and with a monocle! standing: Prss Irene, Pr Christo, Adm. Ioannides, Pr Paul.  Seated: Prss Marie, King George II, Prss Helen An older Christopher, looking very princely.